Server Stress Test

1.Go through. One user account goes through every operator, if it’s ok, then
do the stress test.

2.Concurrent. Many user-accounts go through every operator, if it’s ok, then
do the next step.

3.Random. Many accounts go through every operator randomly. This step may
break server cache.

4. Time stamp. Client should log the time for every operator in order to
analyse server performance.

5.Exception catch. Client log this in order to log why it’s failed.

6.Use process not use thread in some time. Web service will catch many client-
threads in one session, though the web service will assign one and only
session ID to each thread. The server will replace one another.

7.Last time. test time should last as long as possible.

8.Clearly know which operator will cost the most(cpu, memory, network) in
server. You can fouse on it.

9.Clearly know the envirnment and configuration of server.

10.Clearly know the server application depends which kind of application(os,