the scale of types

The scale of type int is$latex -2^{31}~2^{31}-1$, and it is a little more than $latex -210^{9}~210^{9}$. and the scale of long long type is $latex -2^{63}~2^{63}-1$, and it is a little less than $latex -10^{19}~10^{19}$

int i = $latex 10^{6}* 10^{6}$; // this is wrong!!!!

long long j = $latex 10^{9}* 10^{9}$ ; // this is correct!



int some platform or some compiler, long type is equal to int type. They are 32 bits. But long long type is 64 bits in linux.

use #define to declare a const, like this( if the number is too big):

#define BIG (9000000000000000000)ULL // this is unsigned long long